Our Wines

Vinnatur, biodynamic agriculture: wines to remember.

In the cellar: no sulphites or added yeasts, spontaneous fermentation for wines that strictly reflect the vine and the place in which they are grown.

Patience and tradition for the vines of the area where the mainstock is Dolcetto.

Rosé 299, La Volpe and Ottotori. Barbera. Podej. Ventipassi. Nibiö, which we helped to save from extinction. We have joined the Albarossa as well which is born right in one of our valleys, a new one that belongs to us.Altaguardia.

Between white and red there is a rosé, vinified in Amphora from Dolcetto grapes. 299.

The whites are two. A Chardonnay old vines fermented in amphora, really "different" from clay and calcareous soil, ideal for that grape. The name derives from the Piedmontese dialect that means "smart", for a unique wine! An Piota. A Cortese from old vines fermented in steel but on the skin and it has hints and a color that make it our way of interpreting a classic vine of the territory. Maia.