Biodynamic agriculture: two words that imply a way of working, observing, of living the earth. A philosophy of life to appreciate all the harmony of a cultivated field, the succession of seasons and time: moves from the indications and impulses that Rudolf Steiner gave in the twenties, just before his death.

With the biodynamic method, agriculture is in harmony with nature, with the land and with men.

The profound connection with nature and the complete respect of its rhythms lead, with biodynamic farming, to abolish the use of synthetic mineral fertilizers and chemical pesticides, and to manage the land following the cosmic and lunar cycles.

It is our agronomic method, it allows a healthy, living agriculture able to improve and enrich the soils in which it is applied, guaranteeing a bright future. As a consequence fruits are kept rich in taste with a true nutritional capacity and an authentic interpretation of the terroir.

According to the biodynamic method, the fertility and vitality of the soil must be obtained by natural means: compost produced from solid farmyard fertilizer, plant material such as fertilizer, crop rotations, mechanical pest control and pesticides based on mineral and vegetable substances.

By making the earth vital and increasing its biological activity, plants grow naturally, nourished by the soil ecosystem.

The fertilization and care of the soil are therefore aimed at obtaining and maintaining this balance.

Biodynamics is based on an agronomic concept of common sense that means the soil, the plants and the farm as living organisms that are part of a single harmony.

For this purpose it foresees the use of some natural preparations appropriately prepared, strengthened and dynamized, of simple use but of great strength, among which horn manure and silica horn.

Naturally it is a method in continuous experimentation and in continuous evolution, where the connection between the man who practices it and the place in which it is applied are fundamental.

Horn manure or preparation 500

It is set up from the fresh cow manure that will be inserted in cow horns then buried from autumn to spring. When the horns are unearthed, the preparation is extracted and completely transformed into a single, elastic, perfumed colloidal substance. It is distributed in autumn and spring after dynamization in lukewarm water at a rate of 90 grams / hectare on 30 liters, on moist soil. Promotes fertility and humification of the soil and roots of plants and stimulates the forces of growth. It is linked to the earth and water elements.

Silica or preparation 501

Finely pulverized crystalline silica (quartz). It is placed in the horns that will be buried from spring to autumn. It is sprayed on the vegetation at a rate of 3 grams per hectare on thirty liters of dynamized water. It favors the fruiting forces, improves the quality of the fruits, helps the plants to get back in harmonic relation with the forming forces of the light. It is linked to light / air and heat elements.


Biodynamic Dynamization

It is done normally or mechanically creating a deep vortex in the water and then breaking it and creating a reverse vortex, all for an exact hour. At this point the culmination is obtained and the information is impressed at the maximum level in the memory of the water, so it can be sprayed within 1.30-2 h by the end of the dynamization. Spraying can be normal or mechanical but using dedicated machines and containers.