The Cellar

Our winery is located in Castelletto d'Orba in via San Rocco 3, it's our home is also the house of Marco and Manuela, so a very important place and is located on the border of the historic area of the village, along the so Called "strada delle fonti" (literally "road of the [water] sources").

There just passion and time are the rules of our winemaking.

Fermentation takes place in a country house recovered from abandonment where we work with stainless steel tanks with a limited use of controlled temperature to preserve the evolution of indigenous yeasts (very sensitive to temperature changes we intervene only in extreme cases) and amphoras with which we make the Anpiota and the Rosé 299,. We do not add sulphites, we use yeasts naturally present on grapes, we do not add selected yeasts. Furthermore, we do not carry out any filtration, we do not clarify it or do any other practice than decanting and squeezing: natural for us means following nature by accompanying it.

In addition to that there is an old underground cellar, where we keep the (used) wooden barrels for wine ageing: we occasionally replace the oldest barrel in rotation to make sure that the aging wine fully reflects our natural philosophy.

The cellar utilize green elecricity produced via photovoltaic system placed on the roof.

We are a small winegrower, the visit of the winery and the tasting from the tank are good moments for getting to know us: we warmly invite you to visit us and let us know by e-mail, we will be very pleased to welcome you!