Biodynamic agriculture. Those are the values we follow constantly in all what we do as we live the earth. A philosophy of life to enjoy the harmony of nature, the succession of seasons: all what we believe is the starting point to obtain truly natural wines.



We obtain (we don’t produce) wines, juices from vineyard we grow with the utmost respect to environmental balance: minimal interventions as well as the use of the tractor, essential treatments (such as copper and sulphur) and only in the vineyard portions that have a real need, few grass trimmings to favour the inflorescences of wild herbs aimed at attracting insects and bees.



Just one rule: do not remove or add anything to the wine, so it can be the expression of the vineyard. Each year, depending on the characteristics of the vintage, we behave accordingly, for example by increasing or decreasing the time of fermentation on the skins, shortening or prolonging the permanence in casks / tanks or the number of decantations.

Paramount to all this is our experience, thanks to the very important heritage of our families and the knowledge of the vineyards as well as the curiosity that push us to continuously observe the changes of each wine during its evolution.



Wines that strictly reflect the vines grown in the area we live in: Dolcetto, Barbera but also Nibiö, Albarossa for the reds, Chardonnay and Cortese for the whites obtained with patience and tradition to bring our place into the glass.


We are Marco, Manuela, Tomaso and with our families we work for the passion that binds us to the vineyards that enclose a surface of about seven hectares scattered between Castelletto d'Orba and Rocca Grimalda, in Alto Monferrato, Alessandria province, Piedmont


Part of Vinnatur, certified organic management, biodynamic, hilly terrain at about 300 meters above sea level.

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